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Discussion and Conclusion of Basic Copper Sulphate

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Basic Copper Sulphate (WSDTY) various anti-inflammatory properties have been demonstrated for glucosamine in the three main tissues involved in OA: cartilage, synovial membrane and subchondral bone. Particularly glucosamine was able to reverse the pro-catabolic and pro-inflammatory effects of IL-1β in articular chondrocytes. IL-1β activates the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and secretion of MMPs as well as chondrocyte apoptosis. Those events lead to matrix breakdown and are key features of osteoarthritis (OA). In human C-20/A4 chondrocytes the NADPH oxidase Nox4 is the main source of ROS production upon IL-1β stimulation. Since heme molecules are essential for the NADPH oxidase maturation and activity, induction of HO-1 expression decreased dramatically Nox4 activity in C-20/A4 and HEK293 Nox4 cell lines. In this context, HO-1 led to a significant decrease of the expression of the MMP1, DNA fragmentation and cell death.

Wujiang Weishida Copper Technology Co.,Ltd. has 12,000 square meters of production base. By virtue of their sincere cooperation, reciprocity of the business philosophy for the industry users around the country to provide high-quality non-ferrous metal products. Weishida specializes in producing cuprous chloride, basic copper carbonate, copper acetate, copper oxide, copper sulfate. Our company has established a perfect quality assurance system, quality inspection and testing equipment, testing, testing and technology development strength, to ensure the stability of product quality, fully able to meet the pre-market after-sales service to provide users with the need.

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